HS&E test

Health, safety and environment test LITE

For managers and professionals TEST ONLY 2019

About this application

This Windows application has been developed to support employers throughout the COVID-19 crisis. The LITE Testing Application for the CITB Health, safety and environment (HS&E) managers and professionals test will help employers run their own in house interim testing to give a level of local assurance to help the employer to determine if an employee is safe to work on their site.

This application has a mock testing functionality for employees to take their test in the presence of a Manager. For information, guidance and support on how to test employees, please see the Internal testing guidelines.

Special measures for COVID19:

To support your candidates with revising for this test, please visit: www.citb.co.uk/hsanderevision.

Download steps

First check that you are running the Windows operating system. This software will not run on a Mac under macOS - see Common problems and FAQs for further details.

Second: Check that you have no internet security software running on your computer that might block the download. If you do, please temporarily disable it, or white-list dropbox.com and mediafire.com

Click the "Download button" below

License key: CSK-M19LITE-1A4370F36D5C42CD

This download is approximately 185 MB in size and depending on your internet connection speed could take up to 1 hour to download (typically it takes around 1 to 20 mins).

Depending on the browser you use, the next step can vary. Your browser may ask you if you want to save or run the file (it is usually best to save it) or it may silently download it to the downloads folder. Some browsers show a clear indication that the download is active, others do not. Check your browser's help for more information on downloading files.

When the download completes, you will have a single file that contains the installer, on your hard drive. You are now ready to install the software that you downloaded.

Installation steps

Double-click on the installer that you downloaded to begin the installation process. (Please note there may be a pause of a few seconds/minutes before the installer loads, while Windows checks the installer’s digital signature).

If, when trying to run the installer, you see a SmartScreen warning saying the application is unrecognised, please click on the ‘Run anyway’ button. This message is shown only because this application is new and not yet ‘trusted’ by Microsoft – not because it is any threat to your PC.

The installation will progress through a series of dialog boxes. Simply check/read each one and click Next when you have done so.

At the end of the installation process, the installer will offer to run the software. We strongly recommend that you do this right away, to finalise the installation and licensing process.

Licensing steps

License key: CSK-M19LITE-1A4370F36D5C42CD

Each time the software runs, it will check to see if the license key has been entered. If it has not, it will pop up a dialog requesting that you activate the software using the license key. On-screen instructions will guide you through the activation process.

When entering the license key, we STRONGLY advise you to COPY and PASTE it from this page into this edit box. Hand-entering the key often results in the mis-entry of the data, and a failure to license the software.

Once you have entered the information, click on the button at the bottom of the form to check the details and complete the licensing process. When successfully completed, the software will run and you can create a learner account.

Common problems and FAQs

Q. Does this software run on a Mac / under macOS?

A. No, it only runs under Windows, however you can run Windows on a Mac using Bootcamp or Parallels if you wish to do so. Although there is no Mac version, there is an iPhone version and a version for Android.

Q. I hand-entered my license key and it didn't work:

A. Please try again, this time using copy and paste to prevent mis-entry of the key

Q. When I try to run the installer, I get a message saying the download is corrupt. Why is this happening?

A. This happens when the download is incomplete. This is usually for one of the following reasons:

  1. The download timed out
  2. The internet connection was interrupted
  3. An internet security application blocked the download

Delete the file that was downloaded and try again, disabling any internet security application that might be blocking the download first. Consider using the alternative download link above, and please make sure that you are using Internet Explorer to perform the download as this has proven to be more robust than some of the other web browsers

Q. My download took a while, but then the file disappeared. Where has it gone?

A. This can happen if you have an internet security application running that has quarantined the download. Try looking at the settings of your internet security application to see if there is an option for removing a download from quarantine.

If you have not already used the license key, then it could be that traffic between the application and the license server is being blocked by a firewall, internet security application or virus checker. If you have such an application installed, try to white-list the application and give it permission to access the internet. If this fails, please contact support

Q. What can I legally do with my license?

A. Employers may download and install the LITE version of the software (whilst available) on as many computers as they require, to informally test their employees’ level of Health, Safety and environmental knowledge, during the temporary suspension of all CITB HS&E test centres due to COVID19.

Q. The LITE version is no longer available, how can I continue to use the product?

A. When the LITE version has been discontinued, you will have to purchase the full version of the software if you would like to continue using the product. The full version is sold under a single-user licence.

Q. I have a question about the test, test booking or CSCS cards. Who should I contact?

A. Send your query to general enquiries

Q. I have a technical question that is not answered above. What should I do?

A. Visit the support pages to see if you can find an answer to your question there. If you can't, open a support request and one of our engineers will get back to you